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10 Reasons Why You Need A UI/UX Design Mentor In The Industry

10 Reasons Why You Need A UI/UX Design Mentor In The Industry

10 Reasons Why You Need A UI/UX Design Mentor In The Industry

Regarding UX design, the sphere has risen to importance recently and has evolved as a separate career for professionals. However, the UX design sector is very complex, and if you are a new entrant and want to evolve from a graphic designer to a UX designer, you should always look out for a good mentor who can guide you.

More is needed to enter the UX design space. If you want to become the best UX designer, you have to hone your skills in the design sector, and you can do that only when a good mentor guides you. A good design mentor not only guides you towards better skills and tools but towards opportunities to take your career further.

Here is why you should always look for a good UX design consultancy/mentor as a designer and ensure that you get the best from the industry.

1. Open New Doors

The mentor will open many new doors for you in terms of career and growth. If there is a particular opportunity that you are eyeing and want assistance in getting it, you should take the help of your mentor. Your mentor will have multiple contacts and a network of designers and professionals who can help you grow and get better opportunities. Gathering guidance from your mentor for a growing career graph is important.

As a beginner, the opportunities you get will be better if someone more experienced and established in the industry gives them to you. That does not mean you are completely dependent on your mentor. The mentor can present and guide you towards such opportunities, but it depends entirely on how you convert these opportunities into career growth and sustainable ones.

2. Provide You with a Better Learning Experience

When you are growing under the umbrella of a renowned design mentor, the person will provide you with multiple opportunities to learn and grow. You will make mistakes, but you will have someone better than you in the field to guide you and learn from your mistakes. The mentor will not do the work for you but will provide you with insights and resources to ensure that you can navigate towards progress from your mistakes.

3. Focus On the Goals

When you are only a beginner in the field, it is important to focus on your career and take mindful decisions so that your career is growing. With the lack of a design mentor, you might lose focus and be unable to achieve your long-term goals. If your goal is to become the top UI designer in the industry, get the best mentor in the early phases of your career. As they say, the morning shows the signs of how the day will be.

Want to have futuristic designs for your websites and mobile apps
Want to have futuristic designs for your websites and mobile apps

4. Overcome Challenges

When you start your journey of becoming an expert UI UX designer, you will face many challenges because of the lack of knowledge and expertise; In the crucial growing phase, it is important to have an expert mentor who can help you improve from the challenges. When there are many challenges, it is normal to depend on an expert who knows his way through the industry.

5. Professional Networking

Professional networking is a pivotal aspect of any career, and the career of a UX designer also needs the help of professional networking. You create a professional network as time passes. When professional networking is needed at the beginning of your career, you should go for an expert’s mentorship. Professional networking is something expert mentors are well acquainted with and can go for professional networking from your side. They can suggest to you about the professionals and people you should know. It will help you build your network and create a web of professionals who can propel your career to new heights.

6. Design Shortcuts

As a UX designer, you need to work skilfully and smartly. It would help if you worked with design shortcuts and tools that can improve your productivity and your approach to UX design. The shortcuts and tools make you a proficient UX designer, and they will help you design and create better output. You will also create better work than others in UX designing. With the best designing shortcuts suggested by expert mentors, you can become the best designer in the industry. The shortcuts you learn will put you above other people in the industry. The shortcuts can help you multiply the efficiency and skills that you own. The UI UX design services that you offer should be able to provide value to the company that you work for.

7. How To Tell Good Vs. Bad Design?

A user experience designer has to know the difference between good and bad design. The design principles must be clear to the user experience designer. A good design mentor will help you become an expert designer by distinguishing between good and bad designs. Knowing the rules of good design allows you to create better and unique designs that set you apart from the entire industry. The mentor will be able to give you real-time user insights so that you create impactful designs.

Start UI/UX design journey with Uaxe Labs
Start UI/UX design journey with Uaxe Labs

8. Resources

It is important to align with the resources you need when it is about learning and perfecting your skills. It can take a lot of time to reach these resources independently. You have the best resources when you have the best mentor.

9. Discover New Opportunities

With a mentor’s help, you can access the best opportunities in the industry. The mentor can help you grow not only in your industry area but also in other areas of life.

10. Constructive Feedback

It is important to keep feedback and criticism in mind when you are growing in your career. The best place to get constructive feedback is a mentor who is experienced in the field and has much expertise in every aspect of UI/UX design.

These are the basic reasons you should look for a UI/UX design mentor when you want to take your career into the next phase. With the help of an expert mentor, you can realize your potential in the industry.


Do you need a UX design mentor?  A good design mentor not only guides you towards better skills and tools but towards opportunities to take your career further. Regardless of where you are in your UX career, there is always more to learn! In addition to being beneficial throughout your career, personalized mentorship has additional benefits that are particularly beneficial in the early phases of your career transformation. Likewise, Uaxe Labs is one of the leading user experience design agency to help your brand design stand apart from the crowd, eventually engage more users, and provide them a remarkable experience.