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7 Steps To Design Better UX During Product Design Process

product design process

7 Steps To Design Better UX During Product Design Process

Over the years, the UX design process has evolved to a great extent. There are countless options for UX professionals to choose from for designing a product.  A perfect product design process includes multiple things, including a budget, company size, scope, etc. The newer trends are not everything to serve unique design experiences. There is much more to understand in the designing process for delivering the best experience to the audience. Even if you have a great idea for a product that solves users’ problems, you still have to make it UX-oriented to get the interest of the audience.

Product design helps build products that fulfill users’ needs through UI design, UX design, research, mockups, and business strategy. When you access a reliable UX design agency, they will understand customers’ problems first. After that, they focus on objectives, features, and strategies to address the issue. This blog gives a detailed idea about using UX in product design to create an enriched user experience.

UX Design Overview

UX or user experience is all about providing users with a product with better accessibility, usability, interaction which increases their satisfaction levels. Creating a user experience needs the effort of an entire team. A good UX design mixes content and the ability to solve users’ problems while allowing your business to reach optimum heights.

Today, organizations strive to become customer-centric and make a huge investment to make their product better. With various effective approaches, UX design meets the requirements and goals. All these begin with understanding users’ wants and how they engage with the product. An effective design process lowers the risk by validating KPIs and testing assumptions. A UX-oriented product can help you acquire more customers and retain them for a long time.

Want to have futuristic designs for your websites and mobile apps
Want to have futuristic designs for your websites and mobile apps

7 Stages to Design Engaging UX For A Digital Product

1. Research

It is the initial step in the process which involves researching from search engines, users, etc. Think about the target audience and analyze all the necessities. Then make a list of the doubtful questions. Also, create a separate list including the things you are completely sure of. Utilize modern tools to survey and gather ideas from people. You might get amazing ideas from them.

2. Creating User Persona

Now that you know the requirements and expectations of users, you can approach product design studios in India to summarize the entire list into user personas. The personas will help in making a realistic portrayal of your target audience. By creating these personas, you can know the goals of users, the pain points, and their present behaviour. Design personas rely on field research and provide insights into defining a product that relates to end-users. User journeys are also an amazing way to understand the audience’s perspective, and it helps to make an activity flow to complete every task easily.

3. Collecting Requirements

This is an imperative step in the UX designing process. It is better to be correct from the beginning as it will largely impact the results. The stage needs thorough research, an in-depth understanding of the project, and a lot of patience. First, you have to brainstorm with your team and take stakeholder interviews to let you know the behaviour of users, pain points, etc. Consider doing user interviews to learn their point of view and then sketch. User personas also help immensely in this stage. All these will help to prepare the right requirement document.

4. Wireframes and Information Architecture

Wireframes and IA organize the content and product flow so that users finish tasks and reach their goals faster. It emphasizes building content structures from complex information. Wireframes reflect the order of multiple elements and the fit of the elements in the app or website. For developing IA, you have to organize content using techniques like card sorting. Here all the site or app labels are mentioned on the card, and users have to place the cards as per their choice.

5. Visual Designs

It is important to improve the aesthetics of the application or the site. Through the help of a UX design consultant, you can understand the ways to uplift user experience. Users involved in visual design can continuously provide you feedback and help make necessary changes.

6. Prototyping

In this stage, interactive simulations are created similar to the final product. The main parts of this step include visualization and feedback. The visualization shows the function and appearance of the product. Feedback from users helps to know the likes and dislikes of the product so that the team can make changes before launching the final product.

Start UI/UX design journey with Uaxe Labs
Start UI/UX design journey with Uaxe Labs

7. Testing

The last step is testing, which includes evaluating the final product usability with the users. It involves site analytics which offers valuable data associated with various metrics such as time spent on the site, bounce rate, click path, etc. Testing the performance helps to make a product successful.


Designing a product is a complex task, but these steps can guide you from the beginning to the end. It is a process that focuses on the needs of users and the way it can deliver a seamless product experience. The entire design process is beneficial for users and useful for brands to establish quickly.

Uaxe Labs, an UX Design Consultant helps an organization stay on top of the trends and innovation in the field of UX design websites. User Experience design holds a major role to play towards the growth of any product.