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Boost Your eCommerce Store UI Addressing with 7 Important Aspects

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Boost Your eCommerce Store UI Addressing with 7 Important Aspects

The ultimate aim of every eCommerce website designer has been conversion. They all thrive on turning the visitors into potential customers and retaining them. But, the chances of achieving this goal get nominal if the UI design of the site is not optimal. This is not just any random claim or observation; rather, there are proper statistics behind this.

Market research studies suggest that the sites with unimpressive layouts don’t manage to engage about 38 percent of users. Poor navigation forces 35 percent of users to leave the site. About 40 percent of users claim that the slow upload of images makes them leave the site.  Above all, more than 75 percent of web design agencies opine that enhancing User Interface Design services can provide greater benefits for the customers.

Factors to Consider for Improving UI

When it comes to improving UI design, the designers primarily aim at enhancing navigation features, components meant for informing users, and input controls. Navigation features include a search bar, images, pagination, menu, and breadcrumbs. Push notifications, message boxes, etc., are meant for informing the users.

Similarly, checkboxes, radio keys, dropdowns, etc., fall under the input control category. Every UI design agency would emphasize these aspects. Now, the question arises, how these aspects can be optimized. Upon following the practices as discussed below, one can certainly manage to enhance an ecommerce site upon optimizing the UI.

1. The Design Should Be Responsive

The first thing that every ecommerce store should emphasize is making the design responsive or mobile-friendly. This certainly helps the users in adjusting to different screen types and sizes. Most importantly, make sure that the design demands the least zooming of the product page.

2. Ensure Simpler Navigation

Simplifying the navigation is one of the foremost practices for enhancing an ecommerce UI design. This is quite obvious as unless the user finds it easy to move through the website, he/she left the same is natural. Furthermore, navigation plays a vital role in improving the site from an SEO perspective.

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3. Must Have Call-To-Action Keys

As the ultimate aim of any ecommerce site is to boost the conversion rate, including a call to action button is crucial. Hence, the site owner should be responsible for making the button perfectly visible. These call-to-action buttons direct the user to take the next step. Above all, make sure that the pop-up ads or social media sharing buttons don’t appear on their way. The contact detail should be easily visible for the user as well.

4. Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs allow the actual position of the users over the site, assuring smooth navigation between different pages of the site. This plays a vital role in enhancing the site from an SEO perspective and helps search engines figure out the pages that have to be crawled through.

5. Include Search Bar

It is extremely crucial to have a search filter on the ecommerce store for enhancing the site’s navigation. Above all, it eases down the user’s effort, enabling him/her to find the desired items quickly. This makes the overall process faster and thus boosts the client retention rate.

6. Make the Contents Be Easily Gone Through

The probability of a product’s sale increases if the product’s contents appear easily for the visitor. In general, the users don’t go through the contents if it is not optimally placed. Most importantly, the visitors look for specific terms or phrases in the description. Hence, the design should be optimized that the same appears for the visitor easily. Key things like benefits, discounts, using short paragraphs, etc., do matter as well.

7. Keeping the Checkout Steps Simpler

Most ecommerce store owners ignore it, but it highly matters to keep the checkout process as simple as possible. Some sites make it complex upon including six or seven steps for this. As your UI design agency to keep the number of steps to a maximum of two. Last but never least, the site needs to have high-end product images as these things help fetch the visitor’s attention. After all, it helps the user in checking the product in a much detailed fashion.


UI design is vital for the ecommerce store as it is meant for improving the user experience. Only when the visitor feels accomplished about his/her experience on the site, he/she thinks of going further. Taking the above points into account, one can improve the UI optimally to attain the desired conversion.

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