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How UX Design Can Help Good SEO?

How UX Design services Can Help Good SEO

How UX Design Can Help Good SEO?

SEO is evolving faster than even humans. There is a huge difference between SEO today and that a decade past. Days are gone when SEO was moreover about inserting a huge number of keywords related to the niche. Things are different today as the ranking factor is not just about the content; user experience has started playing an equally vital role as well.  This is where the significance of UX design services comes into play.

UX Becoming Important Due to The Likes of RankBrain

There are many reasons why UX design is given so much emphasis when it comes to optimizing a site from an SEO perspective. Those who know about RankBrain can easily realize the same. Noteworthy here is that RankBrain is the third highly crucial ranking factor. It is more aimed at behavior metrics, like the bounce rate, click-through rate, dwell time, etc.

RankBrain lets Google know how much the visitors enjoyed while navigating through the pages. BERT is another technological breakthrough from Google as well meant for helping Google know what exactly people wish to get for the search query they make. These also are meant to let Google know about what the web page provides. All these things are clear indications of how vital a role UX design plays concerning SEO.

Meeting with Passage and Core Web Vital Standards

Google has been consistent enough towards improving its algorithm. The most recent is the Passages algorithm, which lets them refer the searchers directly to the specific section of a long post or web page where the answer remains. Unless the UX design services is optimized in accordance, the site may not meet as per the update. At the same time, Google is also coming up with a rank-boosting factor for its pages that can pass through the Core Vitals.

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CWV or Core Web Vital is meant for measuring the user experience of the user experience. In short, Google wants to make it very clear for the digital marketers or SEO experts that the UX design directly impacts a site’s ranking. As for the keywords and backlinks, UX design plays a major role in boosting a site from an SEO perspective.

Prominence Towards Positioning of CTAs

According to the UX playbook of Google, the percentage of customers clicking on sliders or the carousel over a page is just one percent. In fact, upon not being clicked, there seems no valid reason for placing these at the top position. Something more relevant could be placed over there. At the same time, a call to action is also given a major role in the UX playbook.

It is highly suggested that the page should strategically place the CTAs to facilitate a better conversion. Needless to say that UX design consultant plays a major role in both the above aspects. Google makes it even more strategic on this aspect by emphasizing the usage of descriptive CTAs.

The prime purpose behind the descriptive CTA is to bring clarity for the customers regarding the point they are moving to. Through the process, a customer can visit the right page instead of the wrong ones. All these things are directly related to the UX design of a site. In other words, all these are having a direct relation with the ranking.

UX Design for Obtaining Greater Visitor Insight

Apart from a whole range of Google norms, improved UX design is also helpful for SEO experts and site owners. Take the case of having a user-friendly search section. It can provide immensely valuable insight into the customer or visitor’s interest and preferences. Hence, it is always suggested to design it in the most user-friendly fashion.

Through the process, a user can feel more accomplished upon finding the product or content that he/she wanted. This boosts the user experience, which matters immensely in terms of boosting a site’s ranking. Not just the page layouts, there are certain practices for optimizing site URL, following which one can easily rank.

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In this context, the first recommendation is always to build a thoroughly readable URL. The use of hyphens is extremely crucial from indexing perspectives. The use of hyphens can be highly effective as well. Using relevant keywords in the URL is equally important.

So, the above abstracts make it clear how UX design matters from an SEO perspective. Thus, the bottom line is that SEO experts should emphasize the overall experience of the user, which includes how well they navigate or their experience being on the page. And, one can’t expect the same unless the optimizing UX design is thoroughly optimized.

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