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Importance Of Getting UX Design Right For B2B SaaS App

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Importance Of Getting UX Design Right For B2B SaaS App

Enterprise software products thrive with the clients and customers, depending upon their UX and UI design proficiency. As of now, the SaaS applications are accountable as the most complex software pieces amongst all. Therefore, if you can adapt the UX design for the SaaS platform, your enterprise can eventually generate optimal rewards.

Getting the SaaS UX design will eventually help you reduce customer churn, increase user speed, eliminate lags, and enhance engagement. There is a misconception amidst the mind of enterprise owners that SaaS applications do not need designers, as engineers/developers are proficient in doing a decent job of designing the interface.

Hence, this ideology is what leads most brands to fail! The SaaS software engineers can develop the best SaaS application, but designing is not their forte. The UX design of SaaS applications needs to follow the market trends and the industry niche. It should have the elements that the user wants while navigating through it.

This article here intends to help you understand the importance of getting a proficient B2B SaaS app design expert for the job. Your enterprise SaaS application needs the right UX design to stand out in the crowd!

Ideal Time to Focus on UX Design!

Most businesses count on UX design as the after-development practice! And they usually count on making the implementations just a month before launch, which is not the right strategy. UI/UX design implementations should be done over the product, when there are several months in hand, before the product’s launch.

The ideal time to seek User Experience design services for the SaaS applications is when the product development is commencing. Along with all of the other audience-oriented benefits, it also ensures that the server-side API requirements come to light! The UX design begins with user research, mock-ups, and trial designs.

The next important thing that the designers seek is the establishment of the execution roadmap. This will put up a timeline for implementing the design. UX design is the iterative process that can be modified and enhanced, depending upon users’ needs. When UX or UI design for the B2B SaaS applications, it is crucial to decide the right time of implementation.

Things that Can Perfect the UX Design for SaaS Application

The professionals follow a specific standard to execute the UX design for SaaS applications. By now, you must have developed insight into how important the design aspects are for the SaaS enterprise products. Now, it is time for you to get an idea of the best practices that collectively make a perfect UX design:

1. User Onboarding

When the designing aspects are being executed for the SaaS applications, it should always be for the users and not your visual satisfaction. You want your customers to hold onto the application and not quit it upon a negative first impression. Therefore, here are a few things you need to keep in mind under the aspect of user onboarding for UX design aspects of SaaS applications:

  • If you are collecting too much information, it will overwhelm the users. Therefore, start with just the email name and proceed slowly and steadily.
  • Use quality graphics and illustrations to make your product more narrative and hold users’ attention. Hence, this should motivate them to go ahead and sign-up with you.

Customer churn is one of the key metrics used for analyzing SaaS applications’ performance. In case of poor onboarding, the user confusion rate will increase, and they might just cancel the memberships with your brand or application. Therefore, implementing the positive onboarding aspects will help attract positive engagement of users.

Create futuristic designs for your apps. Let's get started today with Uaxe Labs
Create futuristic designs for your apps. Let's get started today with Uaxe Labs

2. Informative Dashboards

Every SaaS product should have a dashboard responsible for drawing positive user feedback. Without the perfect dashboard design, the SaaS product UX is destined to be incomplete. A complete informative dashboard for the UX design aspects of SaaS applications include:

  • Current state
  • Result of any recent activity
  • The set goals and the future implications
  • Data visualization elements such as bar graphs or line charts
  • Right colors for highlighting specific problem areas

The dashboard is the first thing the user will notice when he/she enters the dedicated SaaS application. If you can make the user spend more time on the dashboard, the UX aspects will always be high with greater ROI possibilities. The visual history of any activity within the application will help the users realize the changes while not online.

The dashboards should have charts or lists that include some actionable elements related to something important. There should be a feature that would allow the users to highlight the problem areas! The lists of specific alerts sorted within the dashboard upon priority-listing will help the complex application users. They can relate to the alerts that are dismissible or actionable.

3. Proficient Customer Support Solutions

The SaaS applications are embedded with intuitive customer support solutions. They have the help & support sections if the users are stuck somewhere while accessing the application. Today’s users are expecting to get relevant answers to all of their queries through the support system embedded into the application.

The help system within the application should be accessible easily from anywhere! If any specific user needs any kind of help, then they are stuck somewhere and would expect to get the solution immediately. If the solution is not easily available, it will set off users’ minds, and they might just have a bad experience with your enterprise product.

To ensure that an ideal customer support solution is offered to the customers, the SaaS UX design experts will also add FAQs to attend to the popular queries. Apart from that, there should be a live online support channel to interact with the executives to get impactful and timely solutions.

4. Simplifying the Registration Process

The B2B SaaS app design on UX aspects should focus on primary audiences and users’ needs. Therefore, it is important to talk about the important touchpoint for all application users within the SaaS platform, the registration process. Every user, if convinced, will come to register himself/herself to your SaaS application, and you can make/break the first impression here.

Keep the registration process simple! While considering the process, you need to remember to ask for vital information first! The email address might not be sufficient for interacting with potential customers most of the time. Therefore, request the sensible and only necessary information during the initial registration.

When you follow these simplifying the registration process, you will be able to eliminate the doors and barriers of entry, just like complex payment information or the lengthy & difficult-to-understand forms. While the professionals execute User Experience design services upon streamlining the registration process, you need to add the calls to action. A clear call-to-action will draw the attention of users towards the system.

5. Simplified UI (User Interface)

The UI of a SaaS product should be easy and simplified for the users to understand! The users should be able to navigate through the application easily. There should be direct options in the menu bar to allow users to get into the section they want at the moment. If you have sub-menus, then put it in the drop-down menu formats. It will be easy for the users to realize the availability easily.

The designers should keep in mind that there should not be any technical complexity in the usability. You can talk to a UX design consultant to know more about how UI complexity matters in enhancing the UX aspects of the SaaS product. Easy navigation has always been the prime consideration for users to pick an application. If the SaaS enterprise product is not feasible with easy navigation, users will probably reject it and move on to better solutions.

Start UI/UX design journey with Uaxe Labs
Start UI/UX design journey with Uaxe Labs


The users expect to get notified of their actions over the platform. Therefore, the platform needs to alert the users for every task they complete. It will help them realize the path they are heading on. Offer them a virtual reward for completing a task to keep them motivated towards using your platform.

The purpose of a designer is to implement a user experience that relates to every individual who uses the app. It is destined to help the users build a long-term relationship with your enterprise product. But when you have achieved one of the best UX designs, you have to keep it updated, mark the trends, and maintain consistency.

It takes a lot of effort to maintain a SaaS application and its successful adaptations. You need to commit with your UX design consultant to review the design aspects and their performance over time. You need to keep your customers happy to ensure that your application becomes a success! Overcome all of the minute breakdown elements of your application, and replace the flaws with necessary features to make it stand out.