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The key benefits of redesigning your digital product

the key benefits of redesigning your digital product

The key benefits of redesigning your digital product

Your presence on the internet with Website & Mobile Apps is the only contact of an organization with clients and prospective clients in this connected world. As per a recent survey, over 80% of visitors judge an organization in less than a minute from the look and feel of their website or mobile application.

There are people who believe that as they have a proper functioning website since long time, there is no need for change. Listed below are some of the preeminent reasons that points that your digital product requires upgrade and redesign at intervals.

Changing habits of your clients

The client or prospective client, who used a computer to access a website, before few years, has most probably started doing it on mobile device browser or through mobile app on their handphone. Analytics reveal that depending on type of business, 50-70% of visitors use a handheld device to reach digital platforms for browsing, shopping, registering, comparing, accessing information and all other tasks. Website that looked good on a computer screen now should have a comfortable soothing layout when it is opened on devices with different dimensions. New devices and operating systems are launched every other day, if your device design is not able to respond to a particular device, you have good chances to lose visitors from that device.

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Old wine sells best in new bottle

Your products, services and offers need to change with changing times as newness is one of the factors influencing buying behavior as per the science of consumer behavior. As offers change, they also need to be changed in the way it is presented to the prospective buyers. In fact the same product may become more attractive after it is offered in a different way. Same product may sell more with a better UI/UX design of your digital product.

Technology upgradation

Technology gets upgraded from time to time. There are improvements in interfaces available to the users as new versions of operating systems are released. Also new coding structures and tools come into existence as time advances. As per a scientific study, to take the best advantage of new technologies, it is advisable to redesign your digital presence every 1.5 to 2.5 years. If you are not incorporating latest technologies into your website, it may mean, that users do not get opportunity to best interact with your web face. They are also one short of the best experience.

Fresh outlook

Freshness is the key in the subject of Sales and Marketing. Fresh stuff always wins over stale things. Would you touch yesterday’s newspaper if the fresh one is lying beside you? Give your customers a feel of freshness that would make not only your product, but, even your digital presence a talking-point. Periodically, giving a fresh outlook will enhance your brand visibility and help in increasing business ultimately.

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