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Start To Finish UX Audit Checklist To Help You Expose The Usability Issue On Your Site

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Start To Finish UX Audit Checklist To Help You Expose The Usability Issue On Your Site

Irrespective of the type of online business you own, you want your visitors to interact well with your website. The visitors will be finding your business platforms over search engines and will be entering your homepage or landing page. But at some times, you will see that your visitors do not convert into customers, even after reaching the final stage of placing an order. It is your responsibility to detect the loopholes and work upon them. The usability issues might be due to your site’s lack of UX potential.

And that is possible to confirm with a UX Audit! The purpose of a UX design audit services is to determine the lack of perfection in certain areas of the digital product. It will be easy for you to approach the complete auditing process with an ideal checklist. And, this audit will help you find out the pain or trouble points of usability for the customers. The audit is implemented as per the checklist. It lets you boost your rate of conversions by making certain things easy and achievable for the visitors over your business platform.

This article is to help you out with the right checklist for approaching UX audit for your respective brands. If not, you can hire a professional UI UX design agency to run the audits for you on professional levels. Believe it or not, you will be able to rectify the loopholes that you left unknowingly while designing the initial website.

What Can You Expect from UX Audit?

UX audit services are one of the ideal implementations for usability testing perspectives. If you are hiring professionals for the job, they will explain to you the use of various tools and methods for the approach. They go through and accumulate several metrics to determine the trouble areas of the product. The things that are checked under the UX design audit services are:

  1. Review of user and business objectives
  2. Customer care data
  3. Conversion metrics
  4. Sales data
  5. UX standards compliance
  6. Traffic and engagement factors
  7. Mental modeling
  8. Usability heuristics
  9. Prototyping and Wireframing

Even though UX audit is part of the usability testing perspectives, they are both different procedures. UX audit looks out for problems upon any pre-established goals or standards of the business. But usability testing is more like inferring problems upon the user actions. So, the UI UX design agency can use usability testing methods during the audit to access the fundamental metrics of your brand. Later, they will be combining the results and data to give a verdict upon the loopholes and how to rectify them to meet product goals and industry standards.

The Complete UX Audit Checklist

Even though you are hiring professional User Experience Design Services for your auditing needs, you can still be aware of implementation methods within the checklist. If you have the expertise upon imposing UX Design Audit, you can take note of this checklist to carry out your auditing necessities. The checklist measures include:

1. Running Stakeholder Interviews

Conversing with the development team for UX improvements of the website will be the right idea to start with the auditing process. The professionals will ask them about all of the developmental challenges while imposing UX for the website. They will also ask about any requirement of a specific plan for achieving the end goals.

Next, you can talk to the salespeople who already have the year-old survey results to give insight into what isn’t working well for the brand. The professionals will run their surveys and categorize them in terms of task, severity, and error identifications.

Improve Customer retention & achieve greater ROI, conduct UX Audit on your website today with Uaxe Labs
Improve Customer retention & achieve greater ROI, conduct UX Audit on your website today with Uaxe Labs

2. Product Evaluation

The professionals will conduct a cognitive walkthrough of the product for visualizing things from the customer’s end. UX design audit team will then take notes of everything to help achieve the user goals and look after the obstacles in the UX design.

3. Mobile & Website Analytics

If the heuristic evaluation upon the UX audit process gave you qualitative data, then analytical tools will help you get further insights. The professionals are well-versed with the basic Google Analytics functions such as traffic flows, market trends, and traffic sources over time.

There are major functions that trigger the user flows within your website. The Ux design audit professionals will track the conversion hotspots and the action of visitors/customers before or after visiting your brand platform.

4. Sales figures and Conversion Rates

If you are running an eCommerce business, then the download or sales figures are ideal for running UX Audits. The User Experience Design Services also includes auditing packages. And you can count on using that to hire professionals for the job. They will take note of the sales rate and the visitor-to-customer conversion rate to prepare the relevant metrics.

5. Navigation Architecture

Navigation of your website is the prime inclusion that allows visitors to access different elements of your website. Web navigation is critical from that of the physical navigations. During the audit process, one needs to implement high-level analysis to determine if there is a loophole in the navigation architecture. If the visitors face difficulty finding the categories or things they are looking over on the website, they will eventually reject your platform. Therefore, the auditors will look for those problems as well. And will bring your attention towards rectifying them!

Start UI/UX design journey with Uaxe Labs
Start UI/UX design journey with Uaxe Labs


Now, you have the checklist in hand for carrying out your UX Audit! It is better to hand over the job to professionals, as they will not just identify the problem but will also rectify it! If you are well aware of all of the technicalities of User Experience design, then you can carry it out yourself as well! But, you will eventually need a team to implement your changes, and that UX audit often comes as a package with UX design upgrade services. So, it is upon you to decide well for your brand!

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