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Which is the best UI/UX Prototyping Tools for Designers In 2021?

UI/UX Prototyping Tools

Which is the best UI/UX Prototyping Tools for Designers In 2021?

Prototyping tools are extremely handy as it facilitates smooth communication between the designing team, development team, and the project managers while working on an idea. This is the most effective way of working on ideas and checks the response of users to them. The best part makes things easier to take a project from the conception stage to execution and have discussions in between when required. As UI UX prototyping tools have become an integral part of the modern-day software or digital product development process, every designer thrives for the best tool. In this context, below are some of the best options one may consider.

1. Figma

Figma has become a favorite among the designers in no time, providing all-in-one solutions. These all-inclusive UI/UX prototyping tools come with high-end features enabling the teams to collaborate from beginning to end. Also, it provides various plugins like Figmotion. The best part, the tool is quite user-friendly despite offering a great variety of features. All in all, this tool is perfectly useful for designers looking forward to preparing high-end digital tools relevant to the contemporary online market.

2. InVision

InVision is currently one of the most familiar names among top enterprises looking for the best UI/UX prototyping tools. A distinguishing aspect of the tool is its characteristic to be compatible with various types of files. The designers can develop highly reliable prototypes simply through the drag-and-drop approach. Additionally, it comes with a background eraser which facilitates the smooth upload of transparent photos, and a couple of animation works on it. The tool is absolutely simple for project collaboration as it enables the teams to witness the changes in design in real-time and collect feedback alongside.

3. Adobe XD

Adobe XD certainly is the most buzzed tool among UX designers when it comes to prototyping. This is an all-inclusive tool that can build wireframes, web design, mobile apps, and much more. Most importantly, this facilitates proper coordination among teams to work alongside different platforms in real-time and get useful client feedback simultaneously. The best part, users of both Mac and Windows OS can use Adobe XD. At the same time, it facilitates smooth integration with other products from Adobe as well.

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4. Sketch

The sketch is one of the immensely popular prototyping tools having millions of user bases across the globe. The factor that makes it stand out is its interactive interface, which enables smooth editing, resizing, designing, etc. It comes with a huge range of borders, mixing modes, etc. The tool facilitates smooth designing enabling the designers to prepare superior prototypes even in a few minutes. Despite being explicitly meant for Mac OS products, Sketch comes with a range of plug-ins, making it suitable for different platforms.

5. Framer

Those looking for a tool that can make prototyping look simpler and faster can go with Framer. The tool is quite popular for its intuitive design and practicable prototypes. Its layouts are thoroughly responsive. Moreover, it provides complete flexibility for the designers to ideate. The best part provides several tutorial videos helping its users get used to it in the quickest possible time.

6. Origami Studio

Facebook’s designers using Origami speak volume about the efficacy of the tool. The tool comes with several built-in components to help designers prepare complex prototypes at ease. It primarily focuses upon high-end animations and comes with an “export code” feature enabling visual designs to turn into scripted codes. Additionally, it comes with Origami Live, a platform through which one can easily share the prototypes and have a preview.

7. Justinmind

Justinmind is distinguishing among the designers enabling them to take user experience standard one level higher. This is the best tool for making wireframes. Through thoroughly responsive prototyping, it helps users in adapting to screens of different resolutions. It provides an extensive range of templates and User Interface libraries for the development of the high-end prototype. This, too, provides a huge range of tutorials for users of all levels, starting from beginners to experts. Above all, designers can work with it offline as well. Justinmind is compatible with both smartphones and PCs.

These are the most trending UI UX Prototyping tools that UI/UX designers should take into account in 2021. These are use-friendly and feature-enriched, enabling designers to deliver high-end prototypes most simply and quickly.

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