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Why Your Mobile App Design Should Start With User Experience?

Mobile App Design

Why Your Mobile App Design Should Start With User Experience?

In present times, there are hundreds of thousands of mobile apps available. Some apps got massive success, while others found it difficult to sustain in the modern competitive market. However, most successful apps have in common a great appearance and a good feel. For achieving this, app developers emphasize mobile app design and UX or User Experience design. Users always prefer engaging apps, and UX puts a long-lasting impact on the minds of users.

UX design means the designing of positive and great experiences using mobile devices and applications in such devices. It comprises human perception, feelings, emotions, and preferences while using an app. The simplicity, usability and accessibility enhance user experiences. Therefore, you conduct thorough research on the target audiences’ needs.

Reasons Why Your Mobile App Requires Better User Experience Design

An efficient UX design for apps is the top priority for many app owners. It needs proper research before planning to solve the users’ needs and their problems. For designing an app that grabs users’ attention and engages them in it, you need to focus on UX designs. Here are certain reasons why your app should begin with user experience.

       1. Increased Customer Satisfaction and ROI

With a great mobile UX design, the customers will get engaging content, making your customers satisfied with the application’s services. The satisfied clients then will recommend the apps to others, and your customer base will increase. Moreover, the loyalty of customers towards your brand will also escalate, and this will lead to a rise in your business return on investments.

       2. Helps in Understanding the Audience

Before the creation of a UX, one has to understand the client’s requirements. This means that the design should be created after keeping the target audience’s interest in mind. Your app will attract more and more audiences for whom you created it. In addition, the UX enables you to segment the audience and lets you understand the wants of each audience. Understanding them makes it a lot easier for you to convert the target audience into loyal customers, which eventually enhances your sales.

       3. Brand Building

By investing in a good mobile user experience design, you can uplift customer satisfaction. When people become happy working with you, your business credibility will increase as clients create good relations with your brand. This will result in the growth of business value and brand name.

       4. Time and Cost-Efficient

The more you invest in efficient UX design, the fewer chances your client will find out any problems in the app. A nice product is less likely to get updates, and you can save a tremendous amount of money and time for developing a new update. Upgrading needs certain investments which can incur business losses.

Want to have futuristic designs for your websites and mobile apps
Want to have futuristic designs for your websites and mobile apps

Some Best Practices for App User Experience Design

Mobile app developers always recommend that users fall for mobile apps only when at least effort provides high-quality services. So, it is necessary to focus on certain things while designing mobile apps. Some of such practices are mentioned below.

       1. UX Research

Sometimes, people get inclined more towards prototypes or mockups. But a thorough UX research is essential. Always analyze from the users’ perspective, and a positive user experience is only possible with a lot of research.

       2. Clutter

Anxiety grows if someone views a cluttered mobile app. Every button, content, image, etc., makes everything more complicated. Getting rid of all the things that take unnecessary space in the mobile UI is a great idea. The mobile UX designers should keep this in mind while building the app that the app’s minimum things will increase the usability.

       3. Prioritizing

Mostly everyone likes to add a lot of features to the mobile app. But this creates a bad experience for users. You must keep features based on your core objectives and refine app designs by identifying which features are mostly used. After that, put more effort into those features to make them pleasurable and intuitive.

       4. Legible Text

As users spend more time on content consumption, providing a consistent user experience across numerous mobile devices becomes necessary. You should ensure that the typefaces work the best in several weights and sizes. Font sizes should also remain at a certain point so that they will not strain eyes.

       5. Touch Targets

Most often, users get angry when they click something and do not get any response.  Small touch targets irritate users as it does not fit the average width of fingertips. So, the best practice here is to build buttons, links, and controls that fit the fingertip perfectly. Also, ensure that some spacing is there in between UI elements.

       6. UI Feedback

A greatly designed application helps in keeping everyone informed when they interact with the app. However, an app without a feedback system can confuse people and increase their doubts that something is wrong. The best thing to do is to utilize several feedback forms based on the UI elements of the app.

Start UI/UX design journey with Uaxe Labs
Start UI/UX design journey with Uaxe Labs

       7. Unappalled Speed

For providing a nice user experience, you must ensure that the app does not take a long time to load. The longer time it will take, the more users will lose interest in your app. It is always better if the app is optimized to take a few seconds to load so that people will not switch to the alternative apps. If ever your app speed lessens or there is a problem, then immediately inform the users. This will keep the users notified about the slow speed reason, and they will wait for some time until the app gets loaded.


The UX design of a mobile app is an extremely crucial aspect for making an application successful. You will have to research and understand user needs to create an engaging application to enrich the user experience. After reading all the best practices, you will meet your customers’ expectations, making the app more successful.

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